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Achieve Complete Transparency with Audit-Ready Reporting and Interactive Dashboards

Seamlessly customize and share reports, export data in multiple formats, and maintain audit-ready financial records


Accurate Transaction and Price Tracking

Track transactions and prices with precision, ensuring your records reflect the most up-to-date information.

Interactive Dashboards

Access real-time crypto dashboards, including cash flow and historical wallet balances. Filter and customize the dashboards to focus on specific data and gain valuable insights.

Seamless Sharing

Share dashboards and reports effortlessly with internal stakeholders, auditors, or investors. Collaborate effectively by providing others with access to the relevant accounting and bookkeeping data.

Flexible Export Options

Export reports in various formats such as JSON, CSV, Excel, PDF, and more. Choose the format that best suits your needs for further analysis, sharing, or integration with other systems.

Comprehensive Data Organization

Rest assured that all your data is reconciled, organized, and ready for audit, tax, and reporting purposes. Our platform ensures accuracy and reliability in managing your financial records.

Audit-Ready Reports

Generate comprehensive audit-ready reports for accounting, audit, and financial performance. Gain valuable insights with reports such as Counterparties Transaction History, Fee Expenditures, Balance History, Transaction History, Positions, Asset List, Ledger, Audit Trail, and Contacts List.

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