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Boost Productivity with Crypto Payment and Invoicing Workflows

Simplify payment execution, invoice management, and collaborative workflow for seamless financial processes

Invoicing and Payments

Collect and Pre-Categorize Upcoming Payments

Easily collect and categorize upcoming cryptocurrency payments, ensuring accurate tracking and forecasting.

Execute Payments with Ease

Utilize Metamask or Gnosis Safe to execute payments swiftly and securely, simplifying your payment workflows.

Send and Receive Crypto Payments through Invoices

Send, receive and manage crypto payments using invoices, facilitating smooth and transparent payment transactions.

Efficient Invoicing Management

Effectively manage your invoices and expenses, ensuring accurate record-keeping. consola.finance eliminates the manual tasks of invoice management by automatically syncing invoices from your ERPs like Quickbooks and Xero.

Bulk Crypto Payments

Easily send bulk crypto payments to multiple payee addresses with a single click, saving valuable time and cost.

Collaborate with Role-Based Access Control

The use of role-based access control enables seamless collaboration between accounting and operations teams, ensuring a clear separation of duties and responsibilities.

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