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Elevate Your Crypto Portfolio Management Experience

Consolidate, analyze, and streamline your cryptocurrency portfolio operations

Elevate Your Crypto Portfolio Management Experience

Connect Various Data Sources

Easily integrate and connect with multiple blockchains, wallets, exchanges, and custody providers. With fast implementation in a matter of days, we are the market leader. Additionally, manual upload enables integration with any data source.

Consolidated View and Detailed Breakdown

Gain a comprehensive overview of your crypto assets with a consolidated view. Our platform combines your digital assets and financial activity, providing you with a single source of truth. Dive deeper into your portfolio with a detailed breakdown of individual assets and open positions.

Track DeFi Positions and Manage Portfolios

Stay on top of your Decentralized Finance (DeFi) positions with ease. Our platform offers an in-depth view of all your DeFi positions, enabling you to seamlessly manage and track your full portfolio in one place.

Real-time and Historical Balance Overviews

Gain immediate access to real-time and historical balance overviews in both cryptocurrency and fiat denominations. Stay informed with up-to-date and reconciled values to make informed data-driven decisions.

Real-time Monitoring of Inflows, Outflows, and Network Fees

Keep a close eye on your crypto activity with real-time monitoring. Track the inflows, outflows, network fees, and more as they occur, ensuring you have up-to-date insights into your financial activity.

Crypto Activity Analysis with Custom Tags and Account Type

Leverage our exclusive double-entry bookkeeping system, the only one of its kind in the market, to analyze your crypto activity. Seamlessly track transactions with custom tags and categorize them using debit and credit account types.

Manage NFT Portfolio Across Multiple Accounts and Networks

Effortlessly manage your non-fungible token (NFT) portfolio across multiple treasury accounts and networks. Keep track of your NFT purchases, their ownership, and associated royalties all in one place.

Efficient Transaction Search and Filtering

Find specific transactions quickly and efficiently. Our platform offers robust search and filtering capabilities, allowing you to search by transaction hash, timeframe, token symbol, and more. Locate the information you need in a snap.

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