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Unleash the Power of the Most Advanced Crypto Accounting Stack

Enhance Efficiency with Automated Accounting, Cost Basis Tracking, Reconciliation and more

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Accurate Transaction and Price Tracking

Track transactions and prices with precision, ensuring your records reflect the most up-to-date information.

Automated Valuation and Tagging

Automatically value and tag transactions, streamlining the bookkeeping process and ensuring accuracy.

Rule-based Transaction Categorization

Categorize transactions based on predefined rules, simplifying the organization and analysis of your financial data.

Efficient Filtering, Searching, and Note Adding

Easily filter and search transactions, and add notes for collaboration, internal analysis, and compliance with external regulatory requirements.

Automated Accounting Practices

Automate key accounting practices, reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency in your financial management processes.

Cryptocurrency Reconciliation

Reconcile your digital assets with ease, ensuring accurate and reliable records of your financial positions for your crypto audits.

Precise Cost-Basis Tracking

Maintain precise records of cost-basis, easily edit and export them, facilitating comprehensive financial analysis.

Efficient Gain and Loss Calculation

Efficiently calculate realized and unrealized gains and losses at the transaction, asset, or wallet level, enabling accurate evaluation of performance. Seamlessly synchronize your gains and losses positions with popular ERPs like QuickBooks, Xero, and others for streamlined financial management.

Multiple Cost Basis Calculation Methods

Track cost basis and inventory using various calculation methods such as First-In, First-Out (FIFO), Highest-In, First-Out (HIFO), and Weighted Average Cost. Our system adapts to your specific accounting requirements, ensuring accurate reporting.

Chart of Accounts Management

Create, upload, or synchronize your chart of accounts from your accounting software, guaranteeing smooth integration with your current ERPs.

Double-Entry Bookkeeping Implementation

Harness the power of our exclusive double-entry bookkeeping system to maintain precise records with debit and credit account types.

Document Management

Easily upload and associate documents such as invoices, receipts and bills with transactions, keeping your financial records well-organized and accessible.

Custom Tags for Transactions

Add custom tags to transactions, allowing for personalized categorization and enhanced analysis of your financial data.

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