Partners with Spool to Streamline DeFi Finance and Reporting Processes

Cover Image for Partners with Spool to Streamline DeFi Finance and Reporting Processes
April 21, 2023 is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with Spool, a DeFi infrastructure solution that enables the creation and investment in risk-managed and auto-compounding products with access to a range of DeFi yield farms.

As an automated crypto bookkeeping software, Consola streamlines finance and reporting processes for crypto-native companies. This partnership will see Consola support Spool with finance operations, while consola will also leverage the advantages of Spool’s innovative Smart Vaults.

By forming a strategic partnership with Spool, Consola is able to tap into valuable, in-depth insights that contribute significantly to the development and improvement of their DeFi-related accounting product. This collaboration ensures that both companies can leverage each other’s expertise, resulting in a more robust and reliable solution for the ever-evolving world of decentralized finance.

“We’re impressed with what the Spool DAO has accomplished in creating a secure, decentralized, and low-risk DeFi platform. Their values align closely with our own, and we see great synergies between Consola and Spool. We believe that there is potential for us to work together and create something exciting. Stay tuned for updates on our partnership, as we look forward to sharing our progress.”
Jacob Kobler, CEO of

Meanwhile, Spool’s platform is a great example of cutting-edge technology and innovation, which aligns with’s mission to provide streamlined finance and reporting processes for crypto-native companies. We believe that by partnering with Spool, we can leverage our respective strengths and explore exciting new possibilities in the DeFi space.

“With the rise of DAOs, also Software solutions tailored to their needs are growing. With Consola Finance we found a great partner specified in exactly this field. With this partnership, Consola is not only offering their users great yield options via building on Spools solutions but also Spool DAO can use their offerings for our needs. A real 2x win-win we are very excited about!”
Axel Prettl, COO of Spool.

Overall, we’re thrilled to be working with Spool and look forward to sharing more details about our partnership in the coming months. Stay tuned for more by following on Twitter, Discord or Linkedin.