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September 22, 2022 and the Future of Crypto Finance Management

We are thrilled to announce our €1.1M pre-seed round led by Speedinvest, Blockchain Founders Fund, and the Bitpanda Founders.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies have resulted in an incredible amount of innovation with massive potential for the further reinvention of how digital value is owned, used, and transferred. Businesses across all sectors have already found significant use-cases, not only as investment opportunities, but rather opportunities that increase operational efficiency, improve transactional security, and create a technologically competitive advantage in their respective industry. Today’s most dominant industries, both digital and non-digital, will begin to see decentralized blockchain protocols overtake incumbents over the course of the next decade.

However, the current pool of crypto-native companies encountering significant shortcomings in crypto bookkeeping, accounting, and reporting is huge and only growing. Existing solutions do not offer the level of quality and functionalities that businesses need, which discourages them from trusting and adopting this growing technology.

Jacob Kobler, CEO of said, “After working with over 100 companies at Boston Consulting Group, I realized that the digital financial transformation in web2 was difficult, but when dealing with DAOs, DApps, and NFT platforms as Crypto Product Lead at Bitpanda, I witnessed first-hand that the complexity increases tremendously in web3.” is bringing much-needed clarity and control to crypto finances by simplifying tedious financial processes for web3 businesses so they can focus on building their company and driving value for their customers. Our B2B finance and accounting SaaS platform serves as a single source of truth for blockchain data and offers the first human-readable block(chain) explorer with all finance and accounting functionalities that companies need. Users enjoy the benefits of significant time savings through automated processes, reduction of human errors, and enhanced transparency to make better decisions.

We have already partnered with several DAOs, DApps, NFT platforms, and centralized exchanges throughout Europe, USA, and Singapore and are further developing the product alongside them. The alpha version is scheduled to go live in Q4 of 2022.

Our Pre-Seed Round

We are thrilled to announce that we raised €1.1M in pre-Seed financing from top VCs including Speedinvest, Blockchain Founders Fund and Diamond Hands Ventures — led by the founders of Bitpanda, Eric Demuth, Paul Klanschek and Christian Trummer.

Additional investors include Lukas Enzersdorfer-Konrad (Bitpanda), Hansi Hansmann (Hansmen Group), Florian Wimmer (Blockpit), Christophe Lassuyt (Request Network), Christian Niedermüller (Blocktrade), David Chreng (LeadBlock Partners), Alexander Brix (Canva), Ming You See, Don Hoang, Xiao-Xiao Zhu, and Djurre Hoogeveen.

The fresh capital will allow us to further enhance our platform’s innovative features and functionalities, bolstering a better experience for clients.

Eric Demuth, Founder and CEO of Bitpanda said: “Crypto finance and accounting management remains one of the biggest pain points for web3 firms and the market is waiting for a sophisticated solution. Having worked with Jacob for nearly three years at Bitpanda, I know that he and his team are perfectly positioned to change that.”

Speedinvest’s Yang Tran, said, “When meeting Jacob, who was still at our portfolio company Bitpanda, we knew he and Miroslav were on to something great! We are excited to back this next generation of founders from our own portfolio, who are building the best in class finance tool that brings a holistic and new approach to accounting and finance for Web3 businesses.”

Tobias Bauer, Principal of Blockchain Founders Fund said, “We are thrilled to partner with Consola. Their holistic and user-friendly platform will improve usability and accuracy for core business metrics across the web3 space, enabling innovation and development in the industry. We know Jacob and Miroslav have built the right team to see his vision come to fruition and cannot wait to see what they accomplish.”

We are incredibly grateful for your early support!

About is the most reliable finance and accounting SaaS platform that brings clarity and control to companies’ crypto finances. is the first human-readable block(chain) explorer with all financial tooling that web3 firms need such as cross-chain tracking, rule-based categorization, bookkeeping, reporting, exporting, analytics and much more. Our platform serves as the source of truth for crypto wallet data and offers companies the most intuitive approach to consolidating, augmenting and exporting blockchain data with the goal of providing the highest level of transparency and insight.

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