Alchemy Invests in Consola: Powering the Future of Crypto Bookkeeping

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June 5, 2023

We're excited to announce that Alchemy, the leading web3 development platform, has made a strategic investment in Consola. This investment will enable us to further enhance our innovative crypto bookkeeping software and provide unparalleled support to businesses navigating the complex world of cryptocurrency.

Alchemy is widely recognized as the platform that powers the world's top dApps. They have a proven track record of providing a powerful set of web3 development tools, enabling developers to create high-performance blockchain applications with accuracy and reliability. With Alchemy as the backbone, developers can focus on their core competencies and innovate faster, without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

Alchemy's investment in Consola is a testament to our shared commitment to innovation and excellence. By partnering with Alchemy, we gain access to their powerful nodes and blockchain data, enabling us to provide our clients with the highest-quality and most accurate blockchain data in the market.

“Many companies shy away from accepting crypto payments because of bookkeeping complexities, but Consola is creating a vital tool for businesses start automating their crypto accounting just as they would their day-to-day finances. As crypto wallets and payments become more common, I think web3 firms will increasingly rely on Consola to provide a clear and comprehensive view of their finances,”
Paul Almasi, Head of Alchemy Ventures.

Alchemy's investment is a vote of confidence in our vision and mission. They believe in our ability to revolutionize bookkeeping and reporting for blockchain-based businesses, and we're honored to have their support. Our shared passion for advancing the blockchain ecosystem is what makes this partnership extremely valuable. We're excited to see what the future holds for our collaboration and the impact we can make together.